14. Aly RAISMAN (age 26, champion gymnast/model/activist)

As a Massachusetts native myself, I’m proud to be from the same state as Aly Raisman. She’s got 6 Olympic medals from the ’12 and ’16 Games: 3 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze. And that may not have been the most impressive thing she ever did! She was also an outspoken leader among her peers in the fight to prosecute former Olympic trainer Larry Nassar, who was accused of sexually assaulting several of the girls who were under his care, including Raisman. She was also a part of the subsequent lawsuit against the United States Olympic Committee, based on the claim that they should have known about the abuse and stopped it [READ about the case if you need a reminder]. Hers is real activism.

HERE is the link to the complete 60 Minutes story she did in 2018.

And here’s the powerful moment she confronted Nassar in court during his sentencing and verbally castrated him:

Instagram: @alyraisman

Oh yeah, and she’s fucking gorgeous:

15. Emily RATAJKOWSKI (age 29, model/actress: Gone Girl)

One of the most beautiful women to ever live. I thought she was pretty good in her big acting debut in Gone Girl, where I’ve never been more jealous of Ben Affleck. She’s done several other smaller movies in the years since but nothing that’s really moved the needle. Until she got married a couple years ago (point deduction!), Emily was the most desirable woman on earth for me for at least 5 years running.

She calls herself a feminist, shows up at rallies and acts like she’s all about that life online, but it never quite rings true with her. Oh well. At least she’s trying. I certainly understand why any model of her stature would want to be known as more than just a pretty face.

Instagram: @emrata

16. Sommer RAY (age 24, Instagram model)

Normally, I wouldn’t include an Instagram model on the main list, but as I’m writing this she has 25 million followers, so you’ve probably heard of her. She’s just as famous as most of the actresses and musicians on here. When we talk about the Ass Industry on social media, Sommer could very bell we the KWEEN of it. Of all the people on the internet making a living off of having a great ass (and there are lots of them), she’s probably been the most successful at it. And of course, because it’s 2020, she’s got merch you can buy, she’s got workout plans, and she’s got a clothing line. The ability to make this much money on the internet in your early 20’s didn’t exist when I was that age. I often wonder if I’d have delved into this world were I born 15 years later.

P.S. I was much happier when I didn’t know she was at one point dating Machine Gun Kelly. Fucking gross.

It must be exhausting to date one of these social media stars, though. Male or female. I think it would drive me nuts to be around someone whose job is to perform in front of a phone all goddamn day. Sommer seems like a decent person, but all of these people come across as being astonishingly self-absorbed, which I suppose is inevitable when your life is your brand. If I knew I could post a video of me eating lunch and at least 5 million people would watch it? And to have that kind of audience that young? No, thanks.

Instagram: @sommerray

17. Ruby ROSE (age 34, model/actress: John Wick: Chapter 2, Orange is the New Black, Batwoman)

Look, I know she’s a full-on lesbian and imagining having a shot with her is unrealistic beyond even fantasy. It’s a hallucination. That doesn’t mean I can’t be attracted to her. And you can’t tell me she isn’t a monster in the sack. I mean, if a Ruby Rose sex tape leaks, I’ll make some room on the calendar for it. Let me be the girl she’s attracted to for just one night. Pretty please. She hasn’t shown a whole lot on the acting front, but she is trying. As I’m writing this she just quit the Batwoman show (which will proceed to a season 2 without her), allegedly over the long hours and a bad injury she sustained while making it. If it’s out there that she doesn’t like working 12-14 hour days, that certainly won’t help her reputation when it comes to finding leading roles in the future.

Instagram: @rubyrose

18. Emmy ROSSUM (age 34, actress: Shameless, The Day After Tomorrow, Cold Pursuit)

I feel bad that I’ve never seen Shameless, the thing she’s best known for, but I’ve seen enough of her on the big screen to know she’s the real deal. I bought season tickets in her during the ’03/’04 season when she had a small part in Mystic River immediately followed by her breakout role in Day After Tomorrow. I’m happy to see she’s also started directing, and I’d love to see her potential there going forward. She’s got that mix of beautiful and adorable that’s truly rare.

Instagram: @emmy

19. Christian SERRATOS (age 30, actress: The Walking Dead)

Other than a small, recurring part in the Twilight movies, she’s best known for mastering the Resting Bitch Face as Rosita on The Walking Dead. She wears no makeup on that show (or wears makeup that makes it appear she’s wearing no makeup) and is still one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

Instagram: @christianserratos

20. Hailee STEINFELD (age 24, singer/actress: True Grit, The Edge of Seventeen, Bumblebee)

Few actors in history get to make a big screen entrance with a part as amazing as Mattie Ross in True Grit, yet there she was, at age 13, acting like she had the experience of someone five times her age. I can’t understate how impressed I was (and still am) with her in that movie. The way she spit out that incredible period dialogue like it was second nature and then went toe-to-toe with actors like Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin? It’s one of my favorite breakout performances of all-time. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars that year, and I gave her a Best Actress nom in 2016 for the hugely underrated Edge of Seventeen, one of the best coming-of-age movies of this century.

Oh, then she decided she was gonna be a pop music star on the side, and she succeeded at that, too. I’m really happy she’s turned out to be just as incredible as she hinted at 10 years ago, and to no one’s surprise, she’s also become a fucking hottie. If she’s the President of the United States in 25 years, I won’t be surprised by that, either.

Instagram: @haileesteinfeld

21. Solána Imani Rowe aka SZA (age 30, singer)

She’s got a hell of a voice and is drop dead gorgeous. Is there any chance she joins up with a reformed Wu-Tang Clan? I don’t know much about her, but she makes pretty good music, something that’s desperately needed today. Her collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on the Black Panther soundtrack was probably my favorite original song from a movie in 2018:

Instagram: @sza

22. Sophie TURNER (age 24, actress: Game of Thrones, Dark Phoenix)

Recent pregnancies or marriages are usually a big no-no for me for this list, but I’m choosing to ignore her current marital AND with-child status because she’s just that damn beautiful. She’s married to Joe Jonas, who automatically becomes one of the luckiest men on earth. It’s weird to think that we literally watched her grow up through the years on Game of Thrones. Even after becoming a young mom, she’ll still have the prime years of her career ahead of her, and I look forward to seeing the choices she makes. Whenever I’ve seen video of her in real life, she seems like a great fuckin time, so bonus points for that. If you’re into long legs, she’d be the grand champion of this list.

I could just as easily have substituted my girl Maisie Williams in this spot, but Turner’s classic beauty sets her apart.

Instagram: @sophiet

23. Milana VAYNTRUB (age 33, actress/comedian/activist)

Best known for her stint as the AT&T girl in those commercials years ago. Even there, wearing generic clothing, I thought who is that? I don’t often look up actors from commercials, let’s put it that way. Milana apparently does stand-up, though it’s almost impossible to find any of it anywhere online, which is…odd. She used to do a skit show and has done a bunch of bit roles on TV, but she hasn’t gotten her big break yet. This is a delicate way of saying I’ve seen nothing she’s done outside the AT&T commercials. I would like to see what she’s got, but that would mean she has to appear in something I’m interested in watching. That has yet to occur. I REALLY want it to, though. This seems to be a common theme here.

She is probably the biggest political extremist on this list, easily putting Brie Larson to shame. She is ulllllltra left wing (like “boasting about how proud she is of an abortion”-level left wing). She attends every trendy political protest and posts videos of it online so we all know she was there. She’s one of these people who thinks they need to put their preferred pronouns in their social media bio even though no one has ever confused her for anything other than what she appears to be. She’s the type that would hate a list like this even existing, which is fun irony. Even though I hate listening to people with her viewpoints talk down at everybody else, I respect her passion. I don’t believe she’s being insincere in caring about these issues.

She’s got big, beautiful brown eyes and is easily the cutest lady on this list. And yes, she has an epic pair of mammaries. So, ya know, that.

Instagram: @mintmilana

24. Evan Rachel WOOD (age 33, actress/singer: Westworld, Thirteen, The Ides of March, The Wrestler)

Like most movie lovers, the first thing I ever saw her in was in the teenage coming-of-age drama Thirteen, which came out when she was all of 16. She’s gone on to do a bunch of smaller roles in some good movies but didn’t really get her time to shine until HBO’s Westworld debuted in 2016. She was excellent in the recently concluded season 3, looking incredible in sleek contemporary wardrobe while she did a lot of her own fight choreography. She had some great dramatic moments to work with as an actor. She’s been in a couple of bands on the side and is also actively involved in causes relating to women who have survived sexual assault and abusive relationships, having admitted to being raped in her past. She even testified before Congress about the issue.

Instagram: @evanrachelwood

Delores’ wardrobe in Westworld season 3 was on point.

25. Katherine WATERSTON (age 40, actress: Inherent Vice, Steve Jobs, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Alien: Covenant)

Pretty simple. She’s a damned good actress who possesses a unique beauty. And bonus points for being British. I really like the variety of work she’s done. She did a hell of a Sigourney Weaver tribute as a badass last woman standing in Alien: Covenant.

No official social media that I could find.

CLOSE CALLS: Anya Chalotra, Sydney Sweeney, Eva Green, Maya Hawke, Joey King, Barbara Palvin, Kat Timpf

Average Age of This Year’s Ladies: 31.2

Number of Holdovers from the 2014 List: only 5 (Jessica Chastain, Alexandra Daddario, Rachel McAdams, Olivia Munn, Emily Ratajkowski)

Oh, but we’re not done yet. On page 4, it’s time for my favorite women of Instagram…


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