It’s funny how much the culture has changed since I last made this list back in 2014. [see that post HERE] I seriously debated whether or not to do this again, lest I rile up the wrong people. Then I realized that would be the worst reason not to write something. Instead, I’m gonna jump into these waters cannonball-style and use this post as an excuse to do my woke feminism rant that I’ve been holding back for a long time. I’ll word this stuff carefully, but I’m not going to tiptoe around what I mean to say. Thoughts and prayers, please.

Why would I hesitate to make a list of attractive women in 2020? I don’t really need to tell most of you, but it’s because I don’t want to deal with the outrage culture. I’m not really looking to be on their radar, but at the same time they need to continue to be called out on their hypocrisy and double standards. I have a relatively small audience on here, so it’s not like this is gonna make national news, but even I have to be aware of how certain people view a list like this, even if it is just for fun.

Who are these certain people? Well, it’s the feminists of course. Woke, modern day feminists. Those lovely, rational people who aren’t at all bothered by dissenting viewpoints.

“Modern feminism isn’t about equality. It’s about revenge.”

You need to view any discussion you see about these topics from a baseline understanding that modern feminism isn’t about equality. It’s about revenge. I need to stress that point. I can’t call myself a feminist in public because what I believe isn’t extreme enough for the mainstream. I’m a feminist in that I believe in equality for men and women. Period. For now, that’s the definition of the word. That’s what it’s supposed to mean. But it’s not what woke feminists mean when they proudly declare themselves feminist, and equality is not really what they’re after. They want to dismiss opposing viewpoints and attack the opposite sex, because that’s what they believe has been going on the other way forever and ever. In that one sense, in their own twisted way, they do believe in equality…in the form of vengeful animus. They think most men hate and disrespect women, openly or subconsciously, so they’re gonna hate and disrespect men in turn. Not exactly an uplifting outlook on the concept.

Today, there’s no easier way on the internet or on TV to garner applause than to hate you some men. Men fucking suck. The patriarchy! You’ve heard that term. You’ve heard all the buzzwords. Patriarchy. Mansplaining. Microaggressions. Toxic Masculinity. The Male Gaze. Slut Shaming. Sexism. Misogyny. Oh my! I feel icky just typing them.

You ought to also be familiar with the new feminist doctrines of social interaction by this point. You shouldn’t compliment a woman (she didn’t ask for your opinion on her looks, asshole – SHE KNOWS SHE LOOKS GOOD). You shouldn’t flirt with a woman (she’s never interested, asshole). You shouldn’t offer to help a woman carry something or open a door for her. SHE CAN DO IT HER FUCKING SELF, ASSHOLE. SHE AIN’T NEED NO MAN. She’s a queen and you’re a peasant. (By the way, if all women are queens, doesn’t that dilute the power of the word queen?) There are millions of women who subscribe to this bullshit, most of them under 40. And unfortunately, they’re the ones who get all the air time. Funny thing is, they aren’t the majority. Not statistically (in most polls, fewer than 25% of women label themselves as feminist). But go on social media (Twitter especially) or turn on the TV and try to find a differing viewpoint. You can’t do it. Being a moderate on this issue is not permissible if you want to be taken seriously.

Then there are the self-described male feminists, which are men who hold these same beliefs. In essence, men who hate men. They’re almost always white guys who also hate white people and cry about white privilege while continuing to enjoy that privilege themselves. Imagine possessing that level of self-loathing? These are the men who go to women’s marches and hold up signs saying, “I’M WITH THEM.” Well, those dudes can go fuck themselves. Or they may prefer to be pegged by a woman, because PAYBACK. (I apologize for whatever disturbing image just popped up in your head.)

We’ve got this thing now where if a woman poses in the nude or uses implied nudity or expresses her sexuality in any way whatsoever, it has to be accompanied by a quote in an interview where she makes it perfectly fucking clear she controlled that situation and didn’t do a fucking thing she didn’t want to. Uhh…okay. Good. Proud of you. First of all, it’s not as big a deal as your ego would have you think it is. People have free access to porn 24/7. Teenagers exchange nude photos every day. I think we’re past the era when a celebrity nude scene or a Playboy photo shoot is a big deal. It’s not as bad on TV, but American movies have become pathetically prude in the past decade or so, all because nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the Woke Army (or the Blue Checkmark Brigade, whatever you wanna call them as a collective entity).

There’s been this strange course correction out of Hollywood in recent years, where actresses refuse to do nudity and filmmakers are showing male genitalia a lot more frequently than used to be the case. Female directors and producers are proud to state they won’t show a woman’s body or put her in sexy outfits because they want to eliminate that most dreaded of things: THE MALE GAZE. But what do these people do when they need to sell something to the public? Dress up in sexy outfits and show off their bodies! It’s so odd to me that a man admiring a woman’s physical features is literally the waking nightmare of these people. But it’s still perfectly fine for women to ogle over male celebrities. Again, revenge, not equality.

A great recent example is season one of the HBO show Euphoria (starring Zendaya), which I really enjoyed. It’s an intense look at the dark side of modern teenage life, filled with graphic drug use, violence and sex. There’s lots of nudity, but 90% of it is male ass and dick. Never in my life have I seen as many dicks as I did over the course of those 10 episodes. This had to be deliberate. I never knew I needed to see a fat grown man’s micropenis as he webcams with a high school girl, but once it’s there on my TV, what am I supposed to do? Tip my cap to that actor for being so courageous, I guess. THAT kind of nudity takes guts by the way, not a beautiful woman showing her beautiful body. And all these dicks on a show run by a dude (Sam Levinson, son of Barry). You may also remember a few years ago when it was popular online to rip Game of Thrones for its frequent female nudity (gratuitous!), even when it usually made sense given the period and situations being depicted (Nudity in a medieval brothel? NO!). The show’s female lead, Emilia Clarke (who I’m a big fan of and respect a lot), declared to anyone who would listen that she made sure in later seasons that she wouldn’t be doing nudity unless it was absolutely necessary. I mean, the last thing you want is for men to see your boobs and say, “I like this.” What could be worse? I’d like to know what negative impact showing her body in those early seasons has had on her career.

Nowadays, a lot of Hollywood productions have something called an “intimacy coordinator” on set for scenes involving nudity and sex. That’s a real job now. [See] [for] [yourself.] Apparently, grownass men and women making films and TV shows together can’t coordinate this stuff respectfully without supervision. I mean, if that’s really a problem, go for it. But nobody’s gonna tell me that shit doesn’t sound silly.

We could go much deeper into this, but you’ll notice the criticism of male gaze and men acting poorly towards women is usually limited to the films, TV shows and music created by white men. You neeeeeeever hear loud criticism of rappers, who have been objectifying women in the most literal way possible for decades. Because the last thing a white woke person is gonna do is criticize someone of another race. Just keep that in mind when these people are preaching to you. Double standards are okay so long as it’s at the expense of whitey (disclosure: I’m a mixed-race man writing this, not a white guy bemoaning the unfairness of it all).

In 2020, if you describe a woman as “hot” or openly notice her physical appeal, you’re a shallow sexist pig in a cavalry charge on the front lines of the War on Women. Eat shit. I respect each of these women for things other than their looks, as you will see below.

Call me a Neanderthal, cuz I ain’t changin. Like 100% of other heterosexual males with eyes and a pulse, I love to admire a woman’s beauty. And I’m about to do that. Gaze Brace yourselves. Come, let’s “objectify” some women by calling them attractive and praising their talents!

(And by the way, how DARE I call these woman “babes”. Shame on me.)

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