I knew that the instant the George Zimmerman verdict was announced, Twitter would become the most annoying place on Earth. And yet, I couldn’t resist looking and watching people react. I had to. At first, the mass ignorance made me physically angry, but after a few hours, I started pitying the fact that so few people had any clue what the fuck they were talking about when it came to the merits of the case.

The fact is that George Zimmerman, despite not being sent to prison, is still going to live a miserable life for the foreseeable future. He’s virtually unemployable, has no money, will have to fear for his safety at all times in public, and as a result of all these factors, he’ll more than likely have to leave the state of Florida. Among other things.

Sidenote: read an interesting piece about the uncertain future for George Zimmerman.

I’m not going to defend the verdict, although I’ll make my position clear that based on the EVIDENCE and the burden of proof being placed on the prosecution (that’s how it works in America, sorry folks), the verdict was the right one. You can’t convict someone of murder with no eyewitnesses and no proof of intent. It’s that simple. This doesn’t mean I approve of Zimmerman’s actions or support him going forward, but in my view, justice, as spelled out by the law, was served. But that’s not enough for emotional liberals, race pimps like Al Sharpton and the elites in New York and Los Angeles, who presume to know for a fact what happened that night. The only “justice” that matters to these people is someone going to prison for the death of Trayvon Martin.

One thing I noticed right away was that almost everyone opposed to the verdict was acting on pure emotion. VERY few people had any interest in having a discussion on the merits of the law. The hashtag du jour was the overly simplistic #JusticeforTrayvon, which goes right back to the presumptuousness of people who act as if they were standing on the sidewalk that night watching the Martin-Zimmerman confrontation. If that’s the case, why weren’t all these celebrities and bloggers called in as witnesses during the trial? The prosecution really dropped the ball here since thousands of people know what actually happened.

I suspect most of these people didn’t watch much of the trial or have many of the facts on hand when they cried out for “justice”. Nor were they ever interested in knowing Zimmerman’s side of the story, because in their minds it was abundantly clear what happened and Zimmerman’s point of view was irrelevant. That’s really irresponsible, friends. The only opinions that really matter are informed opinions, and Twitter is the kingdom of the uninformed masses.

The worst Twitter posts predictably came from leftist celebrities, athletes, self-loathing white people, and self-pitying black intellectuals (“It’s now a crime to be black in this country!”). It pains me that so many people I admire creatively are so stupid and ignorant when it comes to real-world issues. Even worse are the sycophants who respond to these tweets with shit like, “I know. This sickens me. How did we lose our way?!” Waaaaaaaaaaaa.

Here are the best of the worst Twitter reactions I saw on Saturday night in the hours after the verdict was announced. God help us that these people enjoy the privilege of having a large audience to spout this crap to. I could have posted a hundred of these if I wanted to put the time in, but I’d have driven myself insane if I looked at many more.

Speaking of more, you can always count on Michael Moore to hop onboard the controversy bandwagon!








How about this: had Trayvon Martin been shot to death by a gun-toting black man… DO I EVEN NEED TO COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE? Well, I will…Had Trayvon Martin been shot to death by a gun-toting black man, YOU WOULDN’T HAVE GIVEN A SINGULAR FUCK! Had a black guy in a hoodie shot a white man under the exact same circumstances and got off, you and your ilk would find a way to blame the white guy for provoking the black guy! You hypocritical piece of shit! Fuck off with your double standard of sympathy, you maggot-infested piece of freshly shat elephant dung.








To call that “twisting the facts” wouldn’t be doing justice to the words ‘twisting’ or ‘facts’.

Here’s super concerned actress Olivia Wilde lamenting the days ahead:


Gosh, it must be soooo tough being you, Olivia. A millionaire actress living in L.A. Jesus Lord, I’ll pray for you, my dear, that tomorrow isn’t quite so traumatic.


Because if anyone is an expert about racism and cultural oppression in America, it’s a tiny, white, rich Canadian actress. Lay it on me, Ariadne!

Writer/director Adam McKay is easily one of the most liberal people in Hollywood.


God, that’s clever.


You were doing fine until you claimed to be a 17-year old deceased black kid.

Please, Adam, do let us know when you’ve written a check to Trayvon’s parents or done ANYTHING to show you actually give a shit outside of internet postings. Go back to working on Anchorman 2, where your opinion is actually needed and useful.

Here’s completely rational Atlanta Falcons receiver Roddy White:


Yup, that sounds reasonable.

White deleted this a day later and was forced to apologize, saying, “I understand my tweet last night was extreme. I never meant for the people to do that.” Okay, you ignorant jackass.


Unfortunately, we live in the kind of world where sloths like you get to voice their opinions in public. I know, it sucks.


Oh, JaVale McGee, what would we do without you? [JaVale McGee memes!]


Buffalo Bills receiver (Is he still on the Bills? I don’t care enough to check.) Stevie Johnson doesn’t quite understand that each state has its own gun laws, or that Plaxico Burress shot himself in a NIGHT CLUB, in a city with zero tolerance for gun-carrying infractions, with about a hundred witnesses around. The two situations couldn’t be more different. Moron.


That’s interesting. I don’t recall the verdict reading, “We find George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY, because really, Trayvon Martin’s life didn’t actually matter.” Lena Dunham must be watching MSNBC. Umm, don’t you have another nude scene to film for Girls so thousands of viewers can simultaneously vomit? I’m sure Trayvon’s friends and family are comforted by the fact that hipster celebrities’ “hearts are with them”. Whatever the fuck that means.

Judd Apatow shows his disapproval with jokes!


That’s two Fox News references! Wow, no liberal has gone down that road before!

Here’s NFL punter/activist Chris Kluwe, reminding us that justice is only justice when you agree with the verdict.


Interesting about that first one. I’m pretty sure 5 of the 6 female jurors were mothers. One would assume they’d have some sympathy towards another mother needlessly losing her son. Oh wait, Kluwe and everyone else quoted here would tell you that white mothers don’t give a shit about black kids. I almost forgot. Once again I’ll ask Mr. Kluwe to stick to punting, an area where he actually has some expertise.


#NoJustice is you, a no-personality-having wench, enjoying a “career” and making tens of millions of dollars solely because you released a video of yourself having sex and your ass used to look great in a dress. THAT is unjust.

But WAIT, friends, I’ve saved the best for last. Blogger/comedian Lindy West of Jezebel.com (the feminist arm of uberliberal Gawker) went on an epic multi-tweet tirade that quickly developed into THE shining example of disingenuous white liberal guilt. I mean, this shit is spectacular. I love the way it builds to a crescendo. I don’t know if she’ll delete any of these later, but these are all legit screen grabs; I believe 17 in total. They are presented in the order in which they were posted:


Immediately after the verdict is read. Uh oh. Already in denial. That’s not a good start.


Gotta love vague internet lingo.


That’s articulate. And broad. Stupid humans!


I’m ready. Give it to me!


Annnd we’re off. Immediately on the attack against her fellow white person. (and of course, being a mega feminist, she goes straight for the dudes) It’s one thing to BE politically correct, but to be proud of it like this? You’re losing me already.


Yes, that. Stop eating shit, liberals! FIGHT BACK! If every privileged white person continuously reminds each other how awful they are, things will surely change!


Oh! OHHHHH!!!!! No, she dit’n’t!

And by the way, Lindy West calling others “smug” is the towering height of hypocrisy.


We’re all of us guilty, America! FUCK YOU! Get those wrongfully imprisoned black people out of jail! …just keep them away from you, right Lindy?


THERE IT IS! Feel that guilt, you white assholes! Let it seep into your disgusting white pores, you pieces of shit! Look what you’ve done to everybody else, whether YOU actually did it or not!

…wait, what does being white have to do with this verdict, again? Ohhh, 5 of the jurors were white. Their decision must be indicative of the broader white American culture then. I get it.


Whether or not you know you’re an oppressive racist, you ARE an oppressive racist, you Caucasian FUCKS! The biggest thing Lindy West is complicit in is being an annoying, hypocritical twat.

Forgive my language. I don’t normally talk about women like this, but she’s the epitome of the internet tough guy, and there are fewer people in the world I respect less than internet tough guys. At least I’ll defend my controversial arguments. People like her want you to follow them on Twitter and read their blog posts, but if you have the audacity to disagree with their strong opinions, you better keep that shit to yourself. Sorry, but that’s not how it works. Or at least not how it should work.


Well, at least she’s not excluding herself. Though I’m not sure I ever want to hear her howl. (By the way, try saying “hear her howl” three times fast.)


Preach it, guilty white sista! You suck just as much as the rest of em! Yes! Praise Jesus!


Something tells me it’ll be about 4 days before you’re complacent again and go back to being your usual snarky troll self, not giving a single shit about black people you don’t know.


As you’ll now see, Ms. West is not the type of person who takes well to people disagreeing with her on the internet…


See, it’s okay to curse at random people when you are SO RIGHT! No need for a civilized debate, because on the internet, you can just BLOCK someone you disagree with and never hear from them again! I’m curious how this attitude translates to her real-world behavior. What does she do when one of her friends or colleagues vehemently disagrees with her at restaurant or party?


No, it’s because you’re too much of a liberal PC coward to accuse a Latino of also disliking black kids. It HAS to be entirely the white man’s fault or your thesis is invalid (which it is anyway).

Then this guy gets in a fantastic feminist zinger by calling her out on abortion:


I haven’t read enough of her stuff, but I’m sure she’s in the crowd that would like to allow abortions up to and including the time of birth.

Finally, before she apparently went to bed (or pulled the pole out of her ass and closed her Twitter app, I dunno), she retweeted this from someone who I’m sure shares her views to the letter:


Make me GAG, will you? Yeah, go around lecturing people in a condescending way, see how that turns out for ya. I dare you to actually try this. If I ever meet this woman, the first thing I’m going to say to her is, “Hi. I don’t see race, we’re all human.” YOUR MOVE, BITCH.

Lindy West, I hearby crown you the Queen of White Liberal Guilt! Congratulations! May all who agree with you bend the knee in your presence henceforth! Just don’t forget to continue feeling this way a month from now once this case is forgotten by the rest of the country. You promised to make yelling about racial injustice a part of your daily life going forward.

P.S. Go fuck YOURSELF.

Editor’s Note: I responded to one of those with a smartass reply and promptly got blocked. LULZ. My loss, clearly! I sooo wanted to ask her out on a date. Can you imagine having a dinner conversation with this woman? Holy fuck.

And that’s all I got to say about that. This was just a “get it off your chest” post. If I wanted to dissect my feelings on the case and the outrage following the acquittal, we’d be here all day. I’ve had it with liberal double standards, race-baiting, hypocrisy and trendy causes-of-the-moment, and I’m sick to death of people (famous or not) who don’t know shit about the law or the facts of this case thinking they know best because they’ve decided “justice” is only justice if it sits on the same high ground as their own moral standards.


    • Incorrect, “Anonymous”. My opinions of the case and its outcome are rooted in the evidence and the relevant laws. And I’m not using the verdict to advance a phony, condescending political agenda. My issue isn’t with people having strong opinions, it’s their unwillingness to have those views challenged and their inability to see through the fog of their emotions. It’s a huge difference.


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