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Category: POLITICS


A Plea: Stop Arguing Politics with Friends on Social Media

Have a look at the meme below. It’s one of my favorite memes of all time, simple and accurate: After enduring an endless 2020 where all I seemed to do […]


On Japan

First let me state the obvious. I am shocked and horrified at what has happened (and what is continuing to happen), and I feel awful for the people of Japan. Japan is a great nation, a steady ally of ours, and possesses a culture I greatly admire. They are a smart, disciplined people (much more so than the general population […]


Today Be Tuesday

Yankees. LOSE. How’s this for a starting rotation, in the National League no less; Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels. They could put a feces-throwing monkey out there […]